Disclaimer – SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC Taxi Service

User Responsibilities Regarding Lost Items: SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC provides taxi services through our technological platform. Users are responsible for their personal belongings during their taxi rides. The company does not accept liability for any lost personal items during a taxi ride. We advise users to be vigilant about their personal belongings at all times.

Reporting Lost Items: In the event of a lost personal item during a taxi ride, users are encouraged to report it immediately to the driver and through our platform. While the company will make reasonable efforts to assist in recovering lost items, we cannot guarantee their retrieval. Users may also be required to file a formal report with relevant authorities and complete necessary forms. SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC is not accountable for lost items and does not assure their recovery.

Security Camera Footage: Some of our taxi vehicles may be equipped with security cameras. These cameras may capture images and videos during rides. If there are claims or disputes related to a taxi ride, SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC may choose to share available images or videos with the appropriate authorities. Video recording is automated and overwritten as camera memory fills up. There is no predetermined timing for video formatting, as it occurs automatically. SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC is not responsible for the availability of security footage.

Driver’s Responsibility: Taxi drivers who use our platform are not responsible for items lost by users, provided the user has not contacted the driver promptly before the driver accepts another passenger during their scheduled working hours. Users should promptly inform the driver if they believe they have left something in the vehicle. While drivers will make reasonable efforts to assist in recovering lost items, they are not obliged to assume responsibility for them.

Passengers Not Booked Through the App: If the driver accepts passengers not booked through our app, the driver is not responsible for items lost by such passengers. In situations where drivers pick up passengers at random, they cannot conduct thorough checks of personal items due to safety concerns. Passengers not booked through our app are responsible for their personal belongings.

By using the taxi services of SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. We strongly recommend that you take care of your personal belongings during your ride and communicate with us and the driver if you experience any issues related to lost items.

Notification to Authorities: In cases involving security footage, SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC may notify the appropriate authorities for the purpose of investigating claims.

Effective Date: [Date]

SUBEUP TECHNOLOGIES INC reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, with changes taking effect on the indicated modification date.


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